Being dead is easy - but being Death on the other hand ...
It's part of our lives and there's no way around it - whether we like it or not, someday, everyone has to face it: ...death.

What we call "death" is just another job that has to be done by someone... In the past they were called reapers or demons, lost souls that gather the souls of the dead and guide them to the afterlife. One particular demon doesn't always like his job - and with modern technology he has a lot of things to distract himself from the duty he was tasked to do. He drinks, parties and let's other do the dirty work for him. But sometimes, he takes his job serious, stays with the souls he guides and listens to their stories. One day, he meets a soul that is about to turn his view of life and death upside down.

Join the misadventures of the main characters Zak, Chris and Vivi as they try to handle life in a way they've never imagined. "Keep Me Alive" is a webcomic about life, death and everything in between.

Zakai A. Valenwolf

Age: ??

Occupation: Barkeeper

There is more to Zak than meets the eye: For someone from the void, he looks human, acts human and speaks human languages pretty fluently. Truth is: Zakai is a demon and acts as death in this world. Contray to soul hunters and tales about Death itself, he is not allowed to take lives but only to guide the souls of the dead to the afterlife.

Zak often sees his task as a punishment and doesn't get along with fellow demons, so he tries to stay out of the void. To keep distance to the demon world, he built himself an identity in our world as the barkeeper of the "Wolf's Den", a bar he and his 'sister' opened a few years ago. His powers are limited, but enough to keep a low profile while living in our world.

Christopher Turek

Age: 26

Occupation: Policeman

Chris finished training as a police officer not long ago and is eager to fight crime and protect lives around him. Although he is young and may seem inexperienced, he had his fair share of events that taught him valuable lessons about life and how to handle them.

With the loss of his father, friends turning their back on him and his brother not talking to him for reasons unknown, his self-confidence took several hits. As a result, he's a bit quiet, introverted and seems a bit shy in social situations - he usually thinks way too much about stuff and hides his cheerful, positive attitutde towards life behind it. It only shines through when he's on the job or with his best friends.

He lives with his best childhood friend Vivi - she's a big constant in his life that he heavily relies on. Together they deal with the everyday craziness in their lives. Vivi often tries to get him out of his shell and takes him to clubs and bars - especially when life is about to knock him down again...

Vivianne Lyons

Age: 29

Occupation: Paramedic

Vivi is Chris' best friend, they've known each other since early childhood and now they not only share an appartment as roommates, but also work together occasionally: while Chris is with the police fighting crime, Vivi works as a paramedic saving lives.

She has a bubbly, extroverted and open-minded personality and is clumsy at times, but she can hide that clumsyness when it comes to her job. Although she's more the silly and funny kind, she knows when she has to be the voice of reason and when she can pull pranks at Chris to tease him. It doesn't matter if she's on the job or at home, it never gets boring when she's around and she can lighten up even the darkest situations.

“May you be in heaven half an hour before the devil knows you’re dead.”

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Maldito - Alone Made of Ice (Spotify | YouTube)

"Keep Me Alive" is a webcomic about life, death and the everyday craziness. The events and people are fictional and any resemblance to person living or dead is purely coincidental. Any mention of celebrities and stars are definitely on purpose, though. Only my nerves and some friendships were killed during the creation of this website, the comic, the text passages and things that are about to come.

On a serious note: This comic is a hobby of mine. I like to draw and my head is full of stories that - if I don't write them down - are probably forgotten and since I'm pretty bad at writing stories as novels, but good at drawing people and stuff, I decided to start a comic about it. "Keep Me Alive" is not supposed to be a graphic novel, but it will have parts that are connected as story elements or chapters. I hope you have as much fun and enjoyment reading it that I have with drawing and coming up with new stuff.

Music plays a large part when it comes to some pages of the comic. Some songs inspire me so much, I have several pages in my mind while listening to them. So if you see a small note "Music to listen to", it's (hopefully) helping to deliver the atmosphere of the current page. The same goes for "Alone Made of Ice" by Maldito, which has basically become the title theme for the project - I think it fits very well.

- Linuky

Design & Art by:
Linuky (me, duh)