Fun fact:

On this day one year ago, I published the first page here.

Today, this part of the story ends.


It was really a great year, I learned so much doing this (like, all around the comic and the comic itself pushed me further than I could imagine) and I grew a lot. Not long ago I said there will be a break, and this time is now, as I want to reevaluate the direction I wanna go with the story. I have some ideas how I want to change some things I wasn’t happy with and how it could improve the overall experience. Funny, I never intended this to be a “story driven” comic and more like “whatever I feel like” comic – but then I got carried away by a lot of ideas and inspirations, character designs and background lore.

Yet, so much changed outside the comic IRL that drew my time and interest away (though I always thought on how I could continue the story). In addition to future story arcs, I prepared some other fun stuff: maybe you want to know, maybe you don’t, but I figured I could give streaming a try. Why not? If someone is interested in watching me draw stuff or play games while talking about nonsense, then I’ll be happy to have you on board. I have no schedule yet, but you may want to have a look at my twitch channel¬†or social media for updates. There’s still some hardware to setup, but everything else is almost ready to go.

There’s also new stuff I want to do about the website:

  • new design / altered design
  • rework of cast page
  • backend updates
  • maybe trying new technologies

I have many plans and hope you want to stick around to see everything realized and the story continued.

Thanks for taking your time, hope I’ll see you on stream or back again here!

Welcome to my pile of shards!