Being dead is easy - but being Death on the other hand ...
It's part of our lives and there's no way around it - whether we like it or not, someday, everyone has to face it: ...death.

What we call "death" is just another job that has to be done by someone... In the past they were called reapers or demons, lost souls that gather the souls of the dead and guide them to the afterlife. One particular demon doesn't always like his job - and with modern technology he has a lot of things to distract himself from the duty he was tasked to do. He drinks, parties and let's other do the dirty work for him. But sometimes, he takes his job serious, stays with the souls he guides and listens to their stories. One day, he meets a soul that is about to turn his view of life and death upside down.

Join the misadventures of the main characters Zak, Chris and Vivi as they try to handle life in a way they've never imagined. "Keep Me Alive" is a webcomic about life, death and everything in between.