Hey there! I’m Alex “Linuky” K. - my friends may call me Linuky, but they somehow don’t want to. I’m 28 years old (at the time of writing this) and I’m a graphic / webdesigner from Germany. Drawing is (next to gaming) one of my biggest hobbies and my head is usually full of stories that – if I don’t write them down – are probably forgotten and since I’m pretty bad at writing stories as novels, but good at drawing people and stuff, I decided to start a comic about it. “Keep Me Alive” is not supposed to be a graphic novel, but it will have parts that are connected as story elements or chapters. I hope you have as much fun and enjoyment reading it that I have with drawing and coming up with new stuff.

Just go already

Sorry I didn’t upload a comic last week, things were… shattering. If you’re confused what’s happening in the comic and why: you should be. I’m somewhat satisfied with the way I’ve improved over the start of the comic and though I will get better and things change, it’s nice to see where I started and… Continue reading Just go already

Humans are weird

Well, demons seem to do other things with their dead? I wonder what… This is also the first time to see Chris’ brother and mother. I’ve wanted to make their appearances similar to Chris. You know… family resemblance and all and I think I got it right. His brother is supposed to be the taller,… Continue reading Humans are weird

[GDPR/DSGVO] State of the site, features, future and more

Hello everyone! Since today is the day the new privacy laws (General Data Protection Regulation, GPDR) take effect, I wanted to share some updates on this site, the comic and more. So this may be an important notice if you follow the page. Regarding GPDR and Privacy Policy First of all, I’ve disabled all plugins… Continue reading [GDPR/DSGVO] State of the site, features, future and more

Partner in… stretching the law to do things

Oh my, I totally forgot to upload the page! Again. Right now I plan and prepare some other things, so after this story arc, there will be a short break. After that, I’ll decide if I continue with a dick move or pick up where I left. In both cases, the story will continue, but… Continue reading Partner in… stretching the law to do things

Anything & Everything

So this page came somewhere in between when I was drawing another part. I wanted to try something (it’s a reoccurring theme obviously) and thought it would be cool to use it as a page, so I  drew some additional frames (Also, some music, yay!). If you want to know what this is all about,… Continue reading Anything & Everything