Hey there! I’m Alex “Linuky” K. - my friends may call me Linuky, but they somehow don’t want to. I’m 28 years old (at the time of writing this) and I’m a graphic / webdesigner from Germany. Drawing is (next to gaming) one of my biggest hobbies and my head is usually full of stories that – if I don’t write them down – are probably forgotten and since I’m pretty bad at writing stories as novels, but good at drawing people and stuff, I decided to start a comic about it. “Keep Me Alive” is not supposed to be a graphic novel, but it will have parts that are connected as story elements or chapters. I hope you have as much fun and enjoyment reading it that I have with drawing and coming up with new stuff.


Soooo I’m a little late today, I didn’t schedule this page and was about to start some scribbling when I thought “You forgot something…” and then it clicked. Yeah, here it is. You may notice that the following pages may look a bit different from time to time since I’m trying out new things, styles,… Continue reading Speculations

Pizza solves almost everything…

Well, only almost. Certainly not Chris unresolved family issues. And with the only person supportive of him gone, it seems like the issues aren’t going anywhere. But why does Chris even have problems with his mother and brother? I think we’ll hear more of that later on.

Processing the good things

Some things we regret, but we should not be distracted by our guilt. We should rather cherish the good memories we have and keep them alive. It doesn’t matter what it is, just look back at it with a smile. Vivi sure is thoroughly optimistic and realistic. Good thing she’s around.

Merry CHRIStmas and happy holidays

Hey everyone, It’s christmas time (dat pun)! At this time of the year, I usually take a break and do nothing at all – well except for the things I love and have fun with. Sooo I’ll take a short break to work on some more stuff and come back at the beginning of 2018,… Continue reading Merry CHRIStmas and happy holidays

[Fanart / GW2] Gourdon (the Racing Choya)’s Origin (?)

I know, I know, it’s a little late for halloween-related art, but Gourdon stole my heart and ran away with it. In case you don’t know: with the latest expansion to Guild Wars 2, Path of Fire, Arenanet added a new NPC race called Choya. They are little, spiky and fat cacti that cannot really… Continue reading [Fanart / GW2] Gourdon (the Racing Choya)’s Origin (?)

Some place to think

Chris has a special place to which he retreats whenever he needs some time alone and wants to think. But he’s not the only one who knows about that place. As always, I’m trying to get better with backgrounds. You’ll notice some things may change over time as I try to find a way to… Continue reading Some place to think