Hey there! I’m Alex “Linuky” K. - my friends may call me Linuky, but they somehow don’t want to. I’m 28 years old (at the time of writing this) and I’m a graphic / webdesigner from Germany. Drawing is (next to gaming) one of my biggest hobbies and my head is usually full of stories that – if I don’t write them down – are probably forgotten and since I’m pretty bad at writing stories as novels, but good at drawing people and stuff, I decided to start a comic about it. “Keep Me Alive” is not supposed to be a graphic novel, but it will have parts that are connected as story elements or chapters. I hope you have as much fun and enjoyment reading it that I have with drawing and coming up with new stuff.

[Fanart / GW2] Something in between

So, between the comic pages I sometimes draw and scribble something here and there. And sometimes, I make some small artworks out of the sketches (mostly when an idea doesn’t want to get out of my head). The same thing happened with this one (may be spoilerish if you play Guild Wars 2: Path of… Continue reading [Fanart / GW2] Something in between

Page 007

There we are, we left this plane of existence and are arriving at the crossroads of the void. Funny how Zak does that, magic and stuff, but being an interdimensional being has it’s perks, I guess. Just don’t show it to humans, it may have some mind boggling consequences. Let’s just hope the officers think… Continue reading Page 007

Page 006

Wait. What? I thought Chris couldn’t see her? Something’s off. Zak is playing it cool, tho. Well, death got nothing to lose, I guess. So, I’ve built this custom fields for music and I can’t really remember what songs I listened to while drawing this part of the story. I should really write these things… Continue reading Page 006