Happy new year everyone!

What is a good way to start the new year? Right! Being sick. Just came back to work this week and I’m already ill. Effing great. And I couldn’t get anything done on my days off.

So let’s continue the story. Funny thing is, I never really intended to write a continuous story. I actually wanted to draw mini stories, one page, two pages, three pages at most – and here we are, page 24 and I feel like I’m not done with this story arc. I just wanted to give the characters a background, how they met, how they view each other, show their relationships…. and it seems like I’m just not done yet (I can tell you it will take a while to get to the point where I’m satisfied). Still I hope you also want to know more and continue the journey with me.

Hope your year starts healthier than mine! I better get some more tissues, blankets, tea and sleep.