Soooo I’m a little late today, I didn’t schedule this page and was about to start some scribbling when I thought “You forgot something…” and then it clicked. Yeah, here it is.

You may notice that the following pages may look a bit different from time to time since I’m trying out new things, styles, techniques, processes, brushes, software, etc. – well basically I try out everything, yet I also try to keep the style the same as usual.
I’m kind of a perfectionist, and it’s somewhat hindering me in finishing even basic sketches or storyboards … and then pages take longer and it gets frustrating. And then I take a break. Talk about a vicious circle…

On another note, I’ll have to update the website, since the webcomic plugin has received a rewrite. I’ll try out some things offline and locally, but with how I experienced WordPress, I’ll have to setup the page from the scratch. Mhm… maybe I’ll even do that and do some maintenance to single pages (titles, meta-data). Maybe I can cut down the data load… I’ll see when I find the time to have a look at it.