[Fanart / GW2] Something in between

So, between the comic pages I sometimes draw and scribble something here and there. And sometimes, I make some small artworks out of the sketches (mostly when an idea doesn’t want to get out of my head). The same thing happened with this one (may be spoilerish if you play Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire, so read at your own risk):

At the end of the story, after dying and coming back from the dead, you fight the god of fire and war to safe the world. While fighting a really tough and eventful battle, this conversation drops and it feels just epic. I loved the comeback. Unfortunately, your character shows no injuries… you know… fighting a god and all that…  coming back from the dead and getting another shot to prove one’s worth… so I drew it a little more dramatic. (Yeah, I know, he’s not standing, don’t take it literally)

Also, I  used it to test out ClipStudio Paint. Usually I do all the work in Photoshop, but it’s getting pretty hungry on my tablet, like you can hear the tablet coughing while Photoshop is running. ClipStudio is a bit easier on the hardware, but it’s lacking some features I love in Photoshop…